INVITATION TO BID for the SUPPLY of Biomass Fuel(Re-announcement)
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KOWEPO-BIOMASS FUEL-2022-SP01(Re-announcement)
Contract & Material Procurement Team
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14:00 24/05/2022
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INVITATION TO BID for the SUPPLY of Biomass Fuel(Re-announcement)

1. Bid no. : KOWEPO-BIOMASS FUEL-2022-SP01(Re-announcement)

2. Material, Quantity to be procured and Delivery
○ Material : Wood Pellet or Woody Biomass SRF(Pellet Type)
○ Calorific Value : Min. 4,000kcal/kg NAR
○ Quantity to be procured : 15,000MT
○ Delivery : Contract Signing Date ~ 31st, August, 2022
○ Contract Price : DDP Basis
○ Bidders are requested to offer from minimum of 5,000 Metric Ton up to 15,000 Metric Ton

3. Procurement Method: International Open Bidding

4. Bid closing date : 14:00, 24th May, 2022

5. Qualification of Bidder
Biomass Fuel(wood pellet or woody Biomass SRF(Pellet Type)) producers, marketing companies
or traders those who shall meet the whole requirements of ITB, including but not limited to
Biomass Fuel quality specifications, delivery schedule, etc. are qualified to participate in ITB.

In the event of two or more bidders from same manufacturer, KOWEPO shall accept
the bidder’s volume only up to manufacturer’s production capacity.
In this case, the accepted bidder’s volume shall be given to the lowest price bidder.
If the first accepted volume does not reach the manufacturer’s production capacity,
the remaining volume of it shall be the maximum volume allowed for the next lowest price bidder to supply.

After being awarded as a successful Bidder, if a successful Bidder fails to enter into making
a contract or fails to execute the contract signed, the Bidder will be banned from participating
in KOWEPO’s future BIOMASS FUEL purchasing tender for at least 6 (six) months, which is
the KOWEPO’s sole right and could not be challenged under any circumstances.

6. Any applicant who wants to receive the relevant Documents should inform us of
the company`s name and e-mail address via e-mail to teppen05@iwest.co.kr[Yun-Jung Hwang - Deputy general manager] ,
khj9439@iwest.co.kr[Hyun-Jun Kang - Assistant Manager] or please refer to KOWEPO’s website. (http://www.iwest.co.kr/eng/index.do)

Tel) +82-41-400-1575/1574, Fax) + 82-41-400-1484

7. The Bid Documents shall be submitted by designated e-mail below not later than the deadline.

- Bid document(except Due Diligence Report) E-mail address : bidding@iwest.co.kr
- Due Diligence Report E-mail : teppen05@iwest.co.kr / khj9439@iwest.co.kr

[CAUTION] The Bid documents(except Due Diligence Report) which submitted by personal e-mail or a method
other than those noted above shall not be accepted.

19th May, 2022
Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.
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